Suspended permanent magnetic separators are positioned over moving conveyor belts or in a chute for the purpose of removing ferrous contaminants from bulk product flows.

Permanent Overband Magnet

Eriez offers two permanents magnetic field configurations, CP, OP and TP, providing different field strengths and depth of field. 

Extracted ferrous metals must be removed from the magnet face - the separation efficiency of the unit would otherwise be reduced by an accumulation of metals on the magnet face. There are two available options for cleaning the magnet.

Manual Cleaning (MC) 
For low levels of ferrous contamination, the magnet can be manually cleaned by wiping the magnet face. This can be easily done with a stripper plate (optional extra).

Self Cleaning (SC)
A moving continuous belt surrounds the magnet box. Ferrous material attracted by the magnet is held on the belt. As the belt moves clear of the magnetic field, ferrous materials fall away under gravity into bins for collection and disposal.

NEW: Eriez Europe is now able to offer a range of its permanent overband magnet straight from stock, enabling your operation to be effective more quickly. Please ask for Eriez Express service when contacting our representatives.